Jan 12, 2014

New Mom Gift

My BFF is due to have her little boy any day now (or else he eviction is set for the 20th!) and I am over the moon excited for her. It's been a long time coming, and I can't wait to meet Baby R! When I was preggo with C, I read all the books, and researched the hell out of baby products and gear, but there were things I had to figure out on my own once Caden made his debut.

I know BFF has everything she needs, but I wanted to give her a little basket of minor essentials for her "Labor Day". I love me a good basket of goodies!

Some of the things I included were:

  1. make up removal wipes for a quick pick me up 
  2. snack bars to keep her energy up
  3. kleenex for out of control hormones
  4. tucks medicated cooling pads for her hoo ha (an ESSENTIAL no one told me about)
  5. oatmeal to get that milk flowing
  6. milkscreen testing strips bc that one glass of wine to celebrate might lead to two and you never pump and dump!
  7. lotion for dry hands
  8. vaseline for dry everything else
  9. diaper bag pouches to help organize her bag when the brain's out to lunch
  10. eye mask for her new friends, under eye circles
  11. and the basket to keep all her nursing essentials together when she's stuck in one place feeding that bebe every 2 hours
I found the printables here and here

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