Jan 10, 2014

High Five for Friday


This week has been dragging ass! It was our first full week back to work after the extended break from the daily grind, throw in this polar vortex of subzero temperatures, and a sick babe and we have had the longest week in the history of life.

Despite all of the above, there were still some silver linings during the week.

one. The hubs won his fantasy football league and gave me 1/3 of his winnings just because. Score! Extra shopping moneys from my sugar daddy.

two. I''m fortunate to work for an awesome company that takes all their employees on an annual trip. Last summer, we went to Aruba. All 185 of us, plus our spouses. It's been confirmed that we'll get to go again,most likely this quarter! This will be my 7th trip!

three. discovering a new coffee place that makes a really delicious Spanish latte. and cream cheese danishes. Thank goodness none of my resolutions revolved getting skinny.

four. C is finally all better from his cold and is sleeping like a normal human! Oh sweet sleep.

five. We are kicking off the weekend by taking a little roadtrip down to Houston to visit friends. Good food and great company awaits!

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