Jan 17, 2014

High Five for Friday!


I've been totally slammed at work and soo looking forward to taking a breather this weekend. The weather is finally warming up again and dare I say it? I kinda want to do something outdoorsy. And by outdoors, I don't even mean drinks on the patio either! Like maybe exercise? Yeah, we'll see.

Despite a hectic week, my highlights include:

one. I found a new mascara that actually holds my stubborn straight as a stick Asian lashes in a curl! Thank you Urban Decay! Now if i I can only find something to help me grow some more lashes in general...

two. Received a card from a dear friend who moved to Cali. I love getting mail when it's not bills! Handwritten notes are the best!

three. Hubs is getting a bonus from work and taking me out to a fancy dinner and maybe some shopping. Recurring theme here and I love it Thank you boo. :)

four. Scored some goodies online shopping...3 sweaters for $30! I'm supposed to be saving money, but technically I am because that is dirt cheap for THREE sweaters, right?

five. I've been eating salad for a week and less rice for dinner and have dropped 2 lbs. Take that lovehandles!

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