Apr 19, 2013


I watched this video today and it left a big impression on me.
The premise: from behind a curtain, a forensic artist sketches different women based on their descriptions of themselves vs how strangers' see them

Raising my hand over here. I admit it. I am so guilty of self loathing and and criticism - these love handles, these post baby boobs, this nose, my small teeth...the list can go on and on. I think it is a part of our female genetic makeup to over-analyze and over-think everything. I know my husband loves every part of my imperfectness - that I do not doubt...but it's a struggle to love myself when everyday we are bombarded with Victoria Secret campaigns, Kate Upton Cat Daddy videos, and clothes that I swear are getting smaller and smaller every season!
I'm still struggling w/ post baby weight - g'damn those last 7lbs are hard to shed - and there are days when I just feel like just rolling into the office in my yoga pants because nothing feels right. Don't get me wrong. There are days that I feel like a hot shit supermodel because my jeans are holding and sucking in everything in all the right places. But it's a process and a journey I think I'll always be on as a woman. But as a mother, I know that I have to start loving myself sooner, rather than later. I may not have a daughter, but it's equally important to me to teach little man to be grateful, happy, and confident of everything God gave him and appreciate his quirks and differences, and also of others.

Apr 13, 2013

To Wear or Not to Wear

Me: "What do you think of these shorts? Are they too pajama-y?"
Hubs after raising one eyebrow and looking me up and down (never a good sign): "Uhh, are you wearing them outside?"
Me: "YES. They have pockets! See?"
Hubs: "Can you make me some lunch?"
Me: "C'mon! Return or keep?"
Hubs: "Definitely return"
Me: "Whatever, I'm keeping them."
Hubs" "WHY do you even ask when you already knew you were going to keep them?!"
These are cute, no?  They have pockets! AND elastic. a win/win on this mama's hips!

Apr 11, 2013


The countdown begins for our first family vacay to ARUBA in just 15 days! I'm starting to overcome the dread I normally feel when I think about Caden on a plane for 4 hours and actually feeling a bit excited! I know I have a tendency to be a majorly impatient asshole with my hubs - and I admit it - kinda uptight on trips just because I'm not one to do well with changes. Throw a crazy, apple juiced up toddler into the equation, and we might have situation. HOWEVER, I am DETERMINED to make this trip memorable and Shutterfly album worthy and not drink myself into mommy obliteration to take the edge off. (Husband is not a drinker, so I could if I wanted :) )
So of course, I have been shopping like a mad woman and using every possible excuse to go run to Target because we "need" something for Aruba. Since I doubt we will be basking on the beach and relaxing w/ a mai tai in hand w/ my little man running around, I've scouring the internet and malls for a swimsuit that is mommy friendly so I won't have to suck in my left over baby weight 24/7 or run the risk of indecently exposing myself.
With all the drama and sickness boggin us down lately, I am uber excited for the change of scenery for our little fam.