Dec 29, 2013

My Skincare Routine

I am a recovering product junkie.

While some girls obsess over shoes and purses, my guilty pleasure is Sephora. I can spend countless hours online reading reviews, comparing active ingredients, and watching Youtube videos of the latest and greatest beauty products. My husband thinks it's unhealthy, but I think it's smart consumerism!

The friends that know me know how much I care about my skin - I am terrified of wrinkles! I used to suck on cancer sticks from the age of 17 all the way through college, and I'll be completely honest. I only stopped because I noticed some fine lines one day and the thought of having smoker's lip wrinkles scared the nicotine out of me. TOTALLY vain and superficial, I know. But the important point is, I quit, right?

As I'm getting older, it's really beginning to show how much I eat like crap and don't excercise. My metabolism is pretty non-existent, and I am in denial of those cardio sessions that my extra stomach is begging me for. (That's my new years resolution post, I'm sure). The one thing I can commit to is my skincare routine. I'm not claiming to have perfect skin (unlike my friend Wendy who seriously has the BEST skin on the planet. hate you), but these are the products that work for my bi-polar, combination skin with a tendency to be dry on my cheeks. whew.

Step 1: Removing Makeup - I use makeup removal wipes to take off as much war paint first as possible. My favorite is just the regular Target brand. Cheap, effective with exfoliating microbeads, and smells good, particularly the cucumber scent.

Step 2: Cleanse - Cetaphil Cleanser w/ Clarisonic - I've used this cleanser since high school and I love it. Takes off all the left over gunk after the wipes and is still gentle. 3x a week, I use my Clarisonic to exfoliate any dead skin off. This helps all the creams I use to soak into the skin and do their magic. I used to use it everyday, but have found that my skin is more prone to breaking out w/ heavy usage.

Step 3: Tone & Prep - I used to skip this step, but when I started breaking again out after having a baby, I felt like I needed some extra help. I picked up some of the Neutrogena and noticed a big difference. My skin became less oily and became much more balanced. I use the SK2 on most days (it has no alcohol, so it's very soothing and doesn't leave my skin dry or stripped) and only use the Neutrogena on my chin and forehead when I feel an unwelcome visitor coming. It has salicylic acid to fight blemishes. Cheap, and does the job.

Step 4: Treat Problematic Areas after hearing so many people rave about this SK2 Facial Essense, I finally pulled the trigger during Sephora's F&F sale for 20% off. I'll be honest, I was about to return it after using it for a 2 weeks. I was expecting amazing results, but I didnt' see any. But I decided to give it a little longer and it changed my mind and is definitely a keeper in my routine now. After Caden (having a baby really changes things!), I really felt like my skin was so dull, nothing even brightner cream could save. My pores are noticeably smaller, skin has never felt softer and smoother, and there's some health in my face. Makeup application is nicer because of it.

Step 5: Preventing Wrinkles - I've tried so many eye creams on the market, and I'm pretty comfortable saying this is my Holy Grail cream (for the time being, anyway). The skin under my eyes are so moisturized and I can say that the fine lines that were there are gone! I get maybe 6 hours of sleep on a good night with Caden, yet I look like I get much more. Highly recommend.

Step 7: Moisturize - I'm so happy I've discovered another HG product. I was a bit of a brand snob before and so anti Clinque for some reason, but decided to give it a try after the girl at Sephora gave me a thumbs up and free sample. My cheeks get so flaky dry as soon as it goes below 60 degrees. This gel cream absorbs so well and has kept my face incredible moisturized without any extra oilyness. LOVE. I'm on my 3rd jar.

         [ makeup removal wipes ] [ Cetaphil ] [ Clarisonic ] [ SK2 Toner ] [ Neutrogena Toner ]
         [ SK2 Facial Essense ] [ Shiseido Serum ] Shiseido Eye Cream ] [ Clinque Moisturizer ]

What are some favorite skincare products you can't live without?

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