Dec 14, 2013

Caden's Christmas List

We're all guilty of over-buying our kids STUFF. I can't help myself. What's a little toy here and there when I'm at the store? With the amount of times I find myself at Target, those one or two hotwheels can definitely add up.

I'm not sure where I originally came across this idea, but I loved it and it stuck w/ me. The idea is simple; only 4 gifts for each child.
  • something they WANT - he is obsessed with puzzles right now and I love how proud he is of himself when he completes one. Melissa & Doug make really quality wooden toys and I never mind splurging on these 
  • something they NEED  - I'm dreading this one, but it's gotta be done. Potty training is upon us. 
  • something to WEAR - it's like underwear, you can never have too many. and bc kids looks so darn cute in jammies. 
  • something to READ - C's Godmama got him the LeapFrog Leapreader last year and he is now starting to really love books. These are so awesome so bc your child can move the reader around many different points on the page for different interactions.

I've seen a few variations online and I think once C gets a little older we will incorporate these traditions:
  • something to MAKE
  • something to SHARE
  • something to DO

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