Dec 11, 2013

Christmas Wishlist

We're alive!!!! We braved the frigid temperatures of Icemaggedon '13 and lived to tell the story. Of course, with our luck, we were one of the almost 200k people who lost electricity during the coldest weekends in Dallas, EVER. Hubs and I both thought we'd be extra cautious and slick (no pun intended) and took that Friday off to avoid icy road conditions. I had glorious plans to cook more pho and a bit pot of chili to last us all weekend, veg out in bed and start a new TV series, and spend hours shopping online. But come 1pm, we all heard a loud POP, and everything went dead. And dead it was for 48 freaking hours!!! It wasn't so bad the first day, but once C's nose started running, we made like refugees and treked an hour away to take shelter at a dear friends.

How cute is this? Caden was in heaven during his 2 day sleepover with his buddies.

I, for once in my life, have gotten most of the shopping for the holidays completed for our family and all the kids. The husband and I agreed that we wouldn't exchange Christmas presents this year since we have been all sorts of willy nilly with our savings (I'm not the only one who can't control themselves at the mall)  and we have a big year coming up, but that doesn't mean I can't make a wish list right? How else is Santa going to find out? 

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