Nov 21, 2013

My Favorite Time of Year

As much as I complain about how busy and crazed it gets during the holidays, I love this time of year, especially Thanksgiving! It's my favorite holiday, probably because of the ridiculous amount of carbs and gravy I'm allowed to inhale without judgement. Well, my mother still will, but somethings never change. I remember when I was pregnant with C, I was really stressed that he might make his debut on Thanksgiving and that I wouldn't be able to eat a proper turkey meal. I'm telling you, this homegirl gets down on that stuffing.

C was a good boy and got evicted on time, I got to make a whole Thanksgiving spread the following week, and all was right in the world. Look at that sweet face in a milk coma. I may or may not have a similar picture, but passed out from too much sodium and holding a turkey leg. :)

I always thought I'd be one of the involved PTA moms when my kids started school, and time has revealed that I am NOT. In all the hoopla and crazy running around that I was doing getting C's birthday party together, I forgot to grab some extra treats/sugar to send to school for all his little classmates to celebrate his day. His teachers sent home a birthday card in his backpack, reminding me that I TOTALLY dropped the ball. And then of course, one of the little girls had a birthday the following Monday, and her mom gave everyone a treat bag with like, toys and crayons. Psshshh.

I really did have plans to send some Thanksgiving goodies, but I just got the email reminder that school is out ALL next week! Is this some kind of sign that I shouldn't attempt to pass off my baking to innocent children? I guess I will have to bake for my coworkers instead! I mean, melting candy together is considered baking right?


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