Nov 17, 2013

C's 2nd Birthday

Somedays I look at Caden and still can't believe I'm his mama. I mean really. I. Have. A. Two. Year Old. The funniest, goofiest, sweetest, smartest, most rambunctious little two year old ever. Its incredible how much your heart bursts at the seams with love for your offspring.
I must admit, I was still burnt out (no pun intended) from his 1st bday planning, so I decided just a super casual, low key outing at the park w/ our friends and family would fit the bill. Of course, as the date approached, my overachieving, pinterest obsessed self decided it should be at least have a theme. Caden, like any other 2 year old, is seriously fascinated with firetrucks (hopefully we don't have a future pyro on our hands) - the kid goes nuts when he hears sirens, and has at least 4 firetrucks laying around the house - so firetruck themed it was!

The week leading up to the party, the weather here in Dallas was being so bipolar as usual. It was in the 40's on Wednesday and then by Saturday, it was gorgeous and sunny. I have a couple of new pimply friends on my face from the stress of not thinking about having a backup plan for inclement weather. Note to self: HAVE A DAMN BACKUP PLAN. One should ALWAYS have a Plan B.

It worked out in the end, the kids had a blast and the 2 alarm chili was a real crowd pleaser. Who knew that a couple of cardboard boxes would be such a hit? I'd also like to add that by the time Caden's party came around, his obsession w/ firetruck was downgraded. He's now into bullzozers and diggers. *sigh* Maybe this will be my last themed party.

Who am I kiddiing?


  1. Hi Lori, where did you find the stuffed dalmations?

  2. Hi Ingrid, I got them on Oriental Trading!

  3. Thanks! I ordered them!