Jan 25, 2012

Pinterest Recipe Reviews

It's been rainy and gloomy the past two days and all I want to do is snuggle with my baby. As my return date to work is quickly approaching (next Wednesday, eek!), I'm torn with the thought of wasting the remainder of my time being a bum or doing something productive. So of course, my compromise is to be productive by attempting to do something I've pinned from Pinterest. And my "doing", I mean baking. Yes, baking. I'm keeping my resolution alive by trying out this cookie recipe I found that claims to be the most amazing chewy chocolate chip cookies on earth, in the history of mankind. The 2nd half of my compromise is that after I bake these amazing chocolately treats, I will lay in bed and snuggle with little man while eating aforementioned cookies.

I had high hopes for this receipe. I mean, look at the picture. Those cookies looked like soft billowly mounds of sweet and gooey chocolate goodness. I followed the recipe to the T, but as I was mixing away, the dough just didn't seem to look right. It did not look like the kind the Pillsbury Doughboy would approve as it just didn't stick together and looked like clumpy flour and chocolate chips. Regardless, I pressed on and stuck them in the oven. They're not very sweet, although the cookies are soft. Not a total fail in my opinion, so my confidence hasn't completely been shaken! The quest continues for another day!

Not REALLY baking, but hey, it's called a muffin and I cooked it in the oven, so I'll chalk it up as a win. This turned out really yummy and I made a batch to keep in the freezer for days that I need a quick breakfast. Also very good w/ some salsa on the side :)

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