Jan 27, 2012

Guilty Pleasure #1: Celebrity Gossip

What is it about celebrities that we are obsessed about? And by we, I mean me (and my gf Kim :) hehe ) I think I check Perez and TMZ at least twice a day. Yes, I really did just admit that. Am I guilty of having no life or just being a stalker? The most recent news that really shocked me was about Heidi Klum and Seal divorcing. Sads. They seemed to be so in love. They renewed their vows every year man! Now in retrospect, it was probably all her idea. Because we all know how our men are when it comes to planning parties and events. The only thing I put my husband in charge of was just showing up at our wedding. :)

Husband always ask me why I tell him celebrity gossip like we know these people. Maybe it's because we can all relate to them in some sense. Not the glamorous clothes, mansions, and luxuries they are able to indulge in, but the problems they encounter are often the same we endure in our own lives. Because we've all been crazy and rebelled like Lindsay before, right? And we've all had a mini meltdown like Demi recently did. DON'T LIE.

We're just fortunate enough to not have our dirty laundry on TMZ. only Facebook. That's why you must reset your settings to not have your pictures public when someone tags you people!

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