Feb 7, 2013

21+ 10

I'm not usually one to lament turning a year older, but for some reason I was dreading my birthday with almost teenage like angst and anxiety this year. I was even seriously considering taking the day before and after my bday off just to avoid coming into work because I knew my dear coworkers would be decorating my desk somehow. And by decorating, I mean humiliating me (but totally in a loving way of course)

I was actually excited to turn 30 i think....but deep down, in hindsight, I was like every other 29 year old on the cusp of a new age bracket....trying to trick myself into not thinking I'm not old as shit. That 30 was the new 20. The only people that say that crap are 29 year olds. Funny thing. I can't recall for the life of me what the hell I did to celebrate last year. Yup, confirmed. Old as shit. No kind of memory, long or short term memory. I can barely remember what I had for dinner the night before. Yes, I'm usually in bed by 10pm on a LATE night. No more ragers, or extended happy hours. Life's definitely different from what it was a year ago, but I will have to say wholeheartedly that I don't miss any of it.  My life may be boring and mundane by most standards, but I would not change one thing. I love that I have such an unbreakable support system of family and friends that are so genuine and loyal. I am blessed in every possible way.

I'm stocked up with eye creams and face serums and all sorts of anti aging creams that my girlfriends got me and ready to take on whatever wrinkles/worries/drama/stress that 31 brings.

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