Sep 11, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist

It was bound to happen. C caught his very first cold from school (on his 2nd day) so he was home on Monday. This also meant that there was very little sleeping at the N. house. Having a sick child is the worst. Boogers, tears, forcing medicine down a screaming banshee baby's throat is nothing compared to the thrashing and crying every 2 hours. Thankfully, we've powered through to Wednesday on waves of coffee fueled endorphins and little man is feeling better - clingy, but better.
In between zoning out and trying to stay awake at work, I did a little window shopping ;)
Currently lusting over:
alice + oliva drixa pumps - hot!
parker finn dress - perfect date night dress
rag and bone harrow booties - love the added detailing from their popular classic newbury boots
danielle nicole shoulder bag - loving this color for fall

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