Sep 26, 2012

The DreadFlu of '13

The title of this post alone should speak volumes of how sick I am at the moment. My little germ factory has taken each and everyone of us down one by one. I would be sick for the rest of the year if it meant that my baby could start feeling better, but alas, we are on day freaking five of high fever and a fountain of snot. Having a sick and miserable child definitely makes top 5 terrible ordeals for a parent, somewhere in between a full blown 2 year old mental breakdown at the grocery store and stepping on Legos in the middle of the night.

We had to take C to the ER because his temp hit a high of 105 on Friday and I was freaking out paranoid that he'd have a febrile seizure. I must say that despite the epidemic that has overloaded our hospitals and pedi offices, Children's Hospital Dallas did a really great job at quickly and efficiently getting us checked in and in a room within just an hour's time. We were definitely expecting several hours of just waiting.

We're hoping he's going to turn a corner soon - it's been a rough week at the Ngu house. Note to self: next flu season, buy hand sanitizer by the barrel. Bathe in it if necessary.

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