Feb 19, 2012

Happy 3 Months!

My little man is 3 months old now and I'm already wishing time would slow down. Nowadays, it's not the fact that I'm seeing more wrinkles, grey hairs, and bigger pores that makes me sad, but with each passing day Caden is outgrowing his clothes a little faster, talking a little more, and is no longer my little baby anymore. :(

But with that comes the anticipation of new milestones like first words and first steps. Am I a little crazy if I'm already planning his first birthday party? Husband says yes. But I know mamas everywhere know what I'm talking about. And curse Pinterest, because I'm a pinnin' fool which just fuels my obssession with baby crack.

Dear Son,

This month you are:

  • Learning to sit up more. You love sitting on your boppy, but can only handle a couple of minutes in the Bumbo. But when we lay you back down, you cry and want to continue siting. Big boy wants to do big boy things.
  • You are certainly a morning baby. You always wake up around 6 or 7am and make it known you have places to go and things to do. We have to take you out to the living room so you can have your morning coffee and watch the news. :)
  • You crack me up with your big goofy grin the second we lay you down on your changing pad to change your diaper. You gotta stay fresh and clean or else!
  • No matter how many times you pee on us while we change you (even at 4am in the morning) I can't help but laugh because I know you know what you're doing. You laugh in our faces. 
  • You're learning to grab things from your play mat - but you don't know how to let go just yet. We still have to rescue you from Monkey and Giraffe.
  • You are such a talker. You talk our ears off sometimes and as cute as it is, it's not so much at 6am.

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