Dec 19, 2011

a NGU beginning

You know the saying "you've got to stop and smell the roses."? It's true. Sometimes you have to hit the pause button and take a minute to breathe. Reassess the situation, take a mental audit of where you are. That's what usually happens.

For me, everything came to a screeching halt in April complete with smoke and tire skid marks (not the underwear kind) when I found out I was two months pregnant. That oughta stop anyone in their tracks.

Fast forward a couple of trimesters, and here we are. 1 month postpartum, running on fumes everyday, bleary eyed and exhausted. But it just takes one look at this little face and I literally feel I could run the NY marathon 10x over for him. (and that's saying a lot because if you see me running, you need to call the police because something's chasing me)

My husband asked me what I'd like for Christmas this year (yes, 5 days before Xmas Eve)and although I wouldn't mind something nice and sparkly, I can truly say I have everything I want. But probably the best gift I can give myself is to start writing again - to document this amazing journey I've just started - a NGU beginning - get it, get it??. In between all the bottle cleanings, projectile spit ups, and poo-namis, I just want to remember it all. And because my phone can only save so many pictures of little man.

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